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Galvo Shredders - Specialists in Cross Cut Shredders

Galvo Shredders - Specialists in Cross Cut Shredders

Buy a cross cut shredder today to protect yourself from fraud.

Not only is it essential to protect yourself against identity fraud or disclosure of important financial information, businesses are required by law to protect customer data and can face large fines for not doing so.  Whatever size business you are, it's essential to have a high quality paper shredder.

Use the handy Quick Finder on the left-hand side to help narrow down your selection to the perfect shredder.

A Strip cut shredder will provide basic levels of security suitable for low-confidentiality material or junk mail. A strip cut shredder has a very basic cutting mechanism that produces long strips of paper but they are also more reliable, less likely to get jammed up and generally shred faster.

A Cross cut shredder or a micro cut shredder is perfect for shredding confidential material (level P3 for restricted information or all the way up to level P7 for Top Secret documents.) A cross cut shredder cuts both down and across the paper to produce confetti-like waste with micro cut shredders producing around 15,000 particles from a single sheet!

For more information, please take a look at our Buying Guides and Articles.  And you can always call us on 01923 601005 for helpful advice.